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ICC World Cup, 2007


Bangladesh-Sri Lanka game and The 'Never-before' level of Motivation

21 March 2007

The level of motivation and hunger for win in each BD player is growing, and it is growing very fast. Lets track back the last two years of BD cricket to identify the source of such high motivation which sparkling in every team-member's eyes at this very moment:

The NZ game: We had been waiting just too long for this!

After the 2004 win against India and the massive Cardiff win in 2005 over the mighty Aussies, Bangladesh started to possess a half-belief that they can practically defeat VERY STRONG sides if they push the limits of their abilities as a team. But still the Tigers needed to test the sharpness of their claws to be sure. However, they did not get any chance to do that until early 2006 when SriLanka came to BD for full series. Tigers pulled off their fist ODI win over SL and that was enough of varification. And then came the Aussies in April'06... Tigers jumped on them with all their blades. The mighty Aussies choked for 5 days in the very first Test match and barely escaped with a face-saving win. Even though they got thrashed in all the rest of the matches in the series, the Tigers now knew for sure... that the time to be fearless has come.

 bangladesh : The ?Never-before? level of Motivation!.

Bangladesh : The 'Never-before' level of Motivation! © Cricinfo

This is where things started to go downhill for BD cricket for quite some time. ICC's ridiculous new FTP dragged BD out from heavy-duty cricket for a full one-year and, subconsciously, the frustration in the Tigers started to build deep inside for that reason. It was like taking away it's prey right after the hungry Tiger tasted blood! After the SL series, and until the WC warm-up matches, BD schedule was packed with matches against ZIM/KEN/SCOTS... and the momentum that the tigers had gained in early 2006 was sufficiently evident in those matches, and even in the match against SL in the Champ Trophy.

After a year full of frustration over the ICC schedule, added with some bitterness caused by losing some close matches against ZIM side, the tigers found their first heavy-duty opponent, New Zealand. This became a very fresh chance for them to doze up all their killing spree. Mashrafee had already learnt the lesson of how deep it can hurt to lose in close match... so he fired up to bring down the NZ fellas. They actually fell victim to BD's year-long eagerness to execute some ecstasy over a big-shot team :)

The India game: A payback that was long-overdue!

The tigers still had not forgotten all the arrogance of this neighbour side before and after their 2004 ODI loss to BD. And added to it was their continuos refusal (a blessing in disguise?) to host the Tigers on home soil which, deep-inside, motivated the Pagla' (Mash) and his team-mates to come out on the field with nukes of all sorts! Mash's pre-worldcup 'Dibani' concept practically hypnotized the whole squad and turned the school-going-tigers into Giant-killer Dragons! The invincible-outside-but-nervous-inside Indians could never come out of their panic-mode to take any sort of control over the furious opponent.

The SL game: Looking for some more Motivations?

Well, the fact that such a long-hungry group of Tigers have already tasted double-blood, is enough to testify for their ever-growing level of eagerness for more! With that, adds the greed for the super-8 qualifying, which has turned into a nearly-true from just a 'realistic-chance'. The emergence of Tamim-tornedo, the impressive consistency of Saqib and the sudden-matured stage-show by Mushi surely adds to the 'Nafees-Aftab-Mash-Rassel-Rajjak's match winning 'Dibani-gang'! And surely this bunch of dreamers have been through enough instances of bitterness like sudden-crumbling of batting line-up or losing the game in last over... which have already made them considerably immune to panic situations.

And the biggest of all: we practically have nothing to lose!

May the Tigers rock the world once again today! Best of luck

  • Ahmed Bashir

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