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Default Twitter Toxic Cancel Culture Now Catches Upto Cricket

It was only time before SJW-snowflakes would have cricketers' heads on the platter. Now I gave a cursory look at this "scandalous" affair and it seems albeit true that Symonds and Warne made absolutely crude remarks.

But then you get the likes of Yahoo cherry picking some fatso's comments who probably reads Alyssa Milano's biography while throwing darts at Gilette Men's poster and eats bags of patriarchy cookies with healthy dosage of "ableism" (since you can't play racist and sexist card wink wink...) with leftover minestrone soup that spells out "C-A-N-C-E-L".

I will be the first to admit what these two dumba--es did was absolutely revolting (as was Gayle hitting on that woman...). But you know WHAT is even more revolting? Bunch of cry baby losers yammering and hammering away keyboard (oh wait..that's me! ) asking for people's neck left and right for the slightest offense and FORCING them to apologize just to assuage their narcissistic ego trip.

Yes. Warne has a boorish tongue. Symonds was as guilty. But to go on pretending that people have pristine image who never defecate or cuss like Bad Santa behind the scenes is absolutely dumb.

We used to do this a lot here in BC and Bangladesh where for the slightest mistake gang up on players and ask for the head... and guess what folks? Buckle up, cuz this s*** is about to hit Twitterverse where EVERY player risks of being canceled.
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