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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Shojha hishab.

ONLY five real teams (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany and Italy) plus two chora teams (only won at home, England and France) won the WC.

No European team has ever won outside their continent. (Chor'er dol bhujai jai) (Germany, Italy, Chora England and Chora France eliminated)

One South American team (BRAZIL) has won (multiple times for that matter) outside their continent. (Argentina and Uruguay eliminated)
No Asian, African or North American teams has ever won the cup.

2010 is being held outside both of the Europe and South America continents.

Therefore, going by the history, ONLY one team will bring home the cup.

good analysis

but at this rate, Brazil would win all the World cups, wont they.. i dont think there was a need for a world cup if statistics were counted.. and thats why the WC is soo great, cause you never know who will win (Germany obviously)

i think Brazil is a real contender, they have great individual performers.. but they have a low team chemistry.. otherwise all their players are WORLD CLASS individually, so is Spains, but as someone else said, they are big time chokers, like SA in cricket..
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