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Originally Posted by iDumb
Not having fear means there is complacency and yes I was agreeing with you on a possible downtrend based on market psyche. In fact, I am praying for one. however, everything else looks good. You can talk about all the monetary policies and how it is artificially propping up market but market has been going up since 2009 till now, why would all of sudden 2013 create a crash?

Also if u thihnk 2013 will be great but there will be correction, you are still bullish. '

I will be buying on any correction anyway. Just waiting for the opportunity.

You sound like you are short on stocks now... All I am gonna say is good luck, I wouldn't be short with my money.
i'm still long from while ago, but i'll be closing and going the other way soon. yeh long term i'm bullish because the S&P is approaching its all time high- for a third time. it might be a false breakout- induce avg joes into longs and bang, down goes the market.

it's actually been going up on a whipsaw like fashion, and when that breaks its a far greater correction. long term, i think it'll break all time highs with strong conviction.

monetary policy has been propping up the markets since 2009 bro- it's all artificial, it would crash now because no one expects it to.

the thought is somewhat counter-intuitive/contrarian. but look at a chart of the S&P from 1990s and you'll se. and you have to believe markets are manipulated and stuff..the whole zeitgeist story. this correction could bring it down 1400s. who knows, 2014 might the start of the greatest bull period of our time. key global events will happen this year. stock markets are telling u everything. look at the nasdaq. triple top.

US govt needs a way to get all that QE mone out into circulation..something is going to happen soon.
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