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Default NZ abandoned PAK tour

I guess you guys all have heard the news by now that NZ walked away from the Pak tour minutes before the first match. They recieved intel from their own government from back home leading them to cancle and abandon the tour.

Interesting thing would be let us see how far PAK goes and bullies NZ cricket board. When we did not want to play for security concerns, they bullied us and even made BCB pay a significant amount for the cancled tour.

IMO, PCB will do nothing against NZ cricket board. Their whole nation has gone nuts. I don't think they realize even 1 single gunshot would have further destroyed cricket in their nation assuming the danger warning was true (I see no reason why the intel would not be accurate, considering NZ government got involved). Do these people not understand it's their own countries fault and no one elses that the situation of their cricket is at?
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