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Originally Posted by Jadukor
No people said that because Hilary was running against Trump who embodies anti women, sexist, racist views. This is not the case with Oscario vs Joe which is why this line of argument was never used.
This line of argument was definitely used against Bernie and used repeatedly during the primary, even before Trump was the nominee.

I recall that in one press conference, Bernie was asked by a female reporter if he was being sexist because he was competing against Hillary. Bernie politely said NO, but he should have asked the reporter if Hillary was being anti-Semitic by running against Bernie, a Jew.

For those who have closely followed 2016 campaign will know that Hillary definitely over played the sexist card. She should have not played that card at all. Did Obama ever use the race card in 2008? Never once. Because Obama was too smart to stoop into such cheap, sure-backfiring tactics.

And the sexist card tactics have resurfaced again already. In a recent MSNBC program, one guest said she was already tired of old white males when they were discussing the prospect of Bernie 2020. Since when it became a crime to be a old white male? And in another program, another host said Kamala Harris has a lot of energy. Why? Because she is a woman and a woman of color. Preposterous argument to say the least.

Of course they are not playing the sexist card when it comes to Liz Warren or Tulsi Gabbard because establishment does not like them at all.

The coming primary will be very interesting.
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