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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
I use Audacity. But that's the editing software. I am talking about the actual software that records the voice. Removing clicks, background noises, clipped voices, Audacity does a great job. Unfortunately, echo is one of the hardest things to fix post recording. You need a really good software upfront that records all voices equally well.

I am not sure what you mean by having the skype audio fed directly into the audio software. I though that is what the Skype Recorder App did. We are currently looking for a better app, but the Free Skype Recorder is the best one we found so far. And honestly, it does fine with two people. Listen to the 1st and 2nd podcasts. Only when a third person joins, things start to get a bit echoey except the voice from the host pc.

Question of speakers doesn't come into it, as we all use headphones. Using speakers will create more echo, not less.

In any case, congratz again on starting this venture. I just listened to the whole thing. It pumps me up seeing people talk about Bd cricket. Let's give Bd cricket an edge media wise! The team can be boring and unimaginative, doesn't mean we have to be. We will collab soon.
Yeah there was only a echo on one of your episodes. The other's were good and sounded great. Its always easier to manage just one speaker (yourself) vs having a guest I guess. I'm not even sure how it works with a guest.

I looked into audacity but couldn't figure out how it worked, lol. So I went back to garageband (which I also had no clue about as I'd never used it before this week) and fortunately I was able to figure it out. Garageband is easy to figure out for novices, so I like it.

Looking forward to collabing. Yeah I feel you on the BD cricket thing. I have really gotten into social media the past few years particularily youtube. Lots of creative content out there. I just wish it was there when I was a kid, but you're never to old to start a podcast.

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