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“A few years ago, he would have run away from a bouncer. I have lost count of the number of times he had been hit on the helmet or the body. There had been times when even we even feared for his safety while batting. Maybe, he was very short that fast bowlers targeted him with short-balls. It also didn't help him that he never looked to duck or sway from bouncers. He was so feisty that he wanted to take them on,”
“Sir, why can’t I play the pull shot like others. I want to be a better puller than all of them. Please help me sir or I will quit.”
So after the regular sessions were over, he used to take him to nets and feed him with chest-high full tosses from 15 yards. “The same old trick, wet tennis balls at his body. The number of balls he faced went up from 100 in the first week to 300 by the third. After a while, every day I used to wake up with a shoulder strain,”

“We needed 46 runs in the last three overs, and he just came and belted Hossain for five successive boundaries,”

“After the first pull, the opposition captain stationed three fielders in the leg. But it didn't matter, he kept playing the pulls, beat them all and we won the match with 2-3 balls to spare,”
Love reading such stories!!
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