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Default So who's going to be in our team in 2025?

Our fab four are all going to be retired by then, or at least very close to it.

Who are the prospects who are going to replace them as actual top class players? The Shabbirs and Shommos of the world have been part of a generation where far too little talent was produced. It's going to take some lean years and a bit of a rebuild, although some recent green shoots suggest it might not be too bad.

Players who might be performing to a level equal to or better than our Big 4 in 2025:

Pretty likely:


I think these guys have shown enough to suggest we can bank on them achieving or maintaining a high level of performance in four years. That said, Mominul might be on the downward part of his curve



Liton still has a lot to prove as far as I'm concerned as his away record is absolutely putrid, but he's come a long way recently and could potentially have another level in him. I'm extremely impressed with Shoriful's control, penetration and seam movement and regard him as our best quick bowling prospect for a very long time. I'm not as certain about him as I am with Afif, but I think he's a very good chance to achieve an international standard level.

Shanto I'm going to put here, having had a look at his test numbers a bit closer. If you disregard his premature first two tests, he's averaging 41 in his subsequent 7 with some scores of 44 and 38 as a youngster against Pakistan, a big ton against Lanka and another one against Zimbabwe. He's quietly starting to put together a very good record. His ODI average of 11 in 8 matches is dismaying as we don't produce enough top class talent for them to be single format players ala Mominul. However, it's worth keeping in mind that he played half of those 8 matches as a very young man, and his last four were somewhat better than his first four.

Too early to tell but have potential:

Mahmudul Hasan Joy
Shamim Patwari

What other names should we be looking out for? Keep in mind that I'm talking about potential top class talents, not guys who are likely to struggle against pace or falter against the best batsmen.
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