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Originally Posted by iDumb
Cricman I just glanced through some previous posts and read this again ..didn't catch this first time ... If this thread is for education, alt thinking purpose ..I think u should look into ur asset allocation.

When ppl wrote 70/30 they usually mean 70 stocks ..30 bonds ..but your 70/30 is all stocks which I super like . That's my style.

But given ur young age (I am assuming late 20s to early 30s) , personally I do not think a stable dividend yielding etf will outperform market over decade. My opinion.

Personally I would try to pick more aggressive funds . Maybe other ppl can chime in also..proper asset allocation is always a struggle and it's a personal taste.

I think ajfar does mostly dividend stocks .. u can study how they performed over the years compared to market ..

The way I think is .. if u solely put money to yield income u will miss stocks like amzn netflix tesla that never pay dividends ..u are always buying very mature companies .

Age 20s to 40s go super aggressive ... The worst thing that will happen is u will be at zero when 40 (which is very unlikely) and be in line with general population LOL
I decided to listed listen to you. So opened up an M1 account made my own little pie

QQQJ - 25%
AAPL - 15%
DIS - 25%
BRK.B - 15%
QQQ - 10%
VIG - 10%

But gonna start at zero and have auto deposit set up every 2 weeks when I get paid. Which will be roughly 40% of my paycheck.

I probably should lower my aapl holdings to 10%, since BRK.B and QQQ also hold appl but I'm bullish on them. Their gonna get into the EV market and the iphone will be the dominant phone for the American Consumer.

DIS - Disney+ will be netlix's greatest competition & the releases of shows all have loyal followings. If the vaccine roll out is good then amusement parks will also thrive.

BRK, QQQ, and VIG are "safe plays" (Nothing is safe) for my sanity but I feel its a decent hedge. Going to roll the dice with QQQJ
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