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Smile Red Wings 5 Kings 2

It was SO good watching my beloved Detroit Red Wings play Red Wings hockey again for the first time since June 6th, 2009 at the Joe. That was Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals against eventual champs Penguins.

The Detroit Red Wings jumped to a 4-0 lead after one with flawless tape-to-tape, puck possession hockey with strong checking in all three zones. Not bad against the current Cup holders, one of the two dynastic teams of our era since 2010.

So we became a little complacent in executing the way we did in the first, and BAYM, they come out flying with some serious Sutter-hockey, loosening those 50-50 pucks in their favor, winning penalties, and forcing the defense in front of of Howard collapse into chaos with suddenly decloaking shooting lanes. A sharper Howard could've made that highlight save, but NO goalie stays sharp like that after his team gives him a 4 goal cushion against Jonathan Quick and the usually error-free, superior defense of Champions in front of him.

So the momentum shifts right away when Martinez gets one back, making sure his whole team smells that freshly spilled blood. Character time for the Red Wings. But we have doctors like Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Kronwall, Helm, AND Abdel Kader to turn that shift in momentum into a spank of pure inspiration and reawakening. 4-1 after two with an enthralling contest awaiting us in the third.

What a game for the ages, and this early in the season too! A rare disconnect between Howard and Zetterberg lead to a shorthanded, freakishly bad goal from an opportunistic Tyler Toffoli. 4-2 Detroit early in the third and the Kings are right back in it, smelling an epic comeback worthy of the blue collar stature of the game.

The overachieving talent of Tomas Tatar is having issues with making 50-50 plays because he's too damn skilled and smart for his own good. The boy thinks too many moves ahead before gaining firm control over the puck. So his growing pains lead to a Dustin Brown breakaway, and forces a takedown from his future Team USA teammate and local boy Danny DeKeyser, those two have been battling it out all night. Second string USA goalie Howard then denies Brown LA's third and possibly game changing goal from his penalty shot. Talk about a dramatic reversal of momentum in the unfolding drama.

Down but not out, the champions get even more physical. Bullies of the block sending a message. Helm gets boarded by Nolan, but before any of that nastiness could settle in, Ericsson decks him. Message received and quickly sent back like a debilitating virus. The Wings control the game from there with unrelenting speed and skill, creating chance after chance to get their fifth of the night.

But there is Jonathan Quick, the number one guy for Team USA, shows Howard who's still the boss with tough saves to keep his team in the game. Time elapses and utter pulls him in desperation. Seconds later, Datsyuk gets the ENG. Game, set, match Detroit. Another great chapter comes to an end. Hopefully, a chapter that we'll look back as the one that changed the novel for the better. A chapter we in the Red Wings Nation have been waiting for since game the end of Game 5 in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.

Thank you Los Angeles Kings for this hard fought battle. Truly worthy adversaries from a rink that Wayne Gretzky himself built in our Golden State. Who knows, we may meet in THE best of seven series in May or Early June next year.
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