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... Another NHLED and another overhyped cup of depraved longings running over, primarily from loser Canadian teams and their bitter and delusional fans, as the scum continues to rise to the top.

You guys haven't actually won a cup since 1990, and unless you change the way you think, you won't anytime soon. No Erica or Cindy can possibly come to your rescue. Oops, you'll have to get your hands on those mediawhoring, egotistical, disrespectful, cheating bitches who believe in their own lies, first I suppose.

Then again, I don't think you could afford all the therapy they need for that Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I mean getting off on watching yourself **** your own **** is one thing, but wanting the rest of us to join your disturbing little party ? Thanks but NO thanks.

The on and off the ice faggotry can make guys like Cindy and Erica before him, appear as pretty decent hockey players in the hyperbolic world of NHL media, but the truth is -- THEY'RE NOT AS GOOD AS THEY THINK. Consequently, the teams they "lead" have no chance of actually winning anything until they wise up and learn to weed out the viral infection for good. The Flyers let Erica go but that didn't solve the problem with Roberta C, arguably the originator of the faggotry, at the helm. Another story.

(YES, I HATE CINDY CROSBY as most decent Pens fans also would if played for any other team, ponder that.)

Guys like Iginla, LeCavalier, Thorton and now Morrow on the other hand, uphold the finest traditions of the NHL, stay humble and let their game, not the ability to deceive officials, do the talking where and when it counts.

Iginla who went from a big, bruising novelty item to a top of the line, GENUINE leader (not Cindy-esque, "me first" type) and a 50 goal scorer, will actually win the Cup if he smartens up and moves south where the WINNERS go.

NHL is NOT the filthy toilet bowl of the NBA or the NFL but that's tough for some whining supermodels in league to see that. So, no more Cindy's please this year. Class is permanent and she has none.

BTW, Toronto MapleCubs should move to Banjodome in the Lynchville, KY swamps if they want to win the Cup anytime over the NEXT 41 years ...

High draft picks have never been important to us at all. We have the best Western Canadian, US and European scouts in the business and Lidstrom, Datsyuk and Zetterberg, almost discarded by the NHLED pundits from North of the Border yet three of the very best players in the league, are there to rub it in. Before them, Fedorov was another diamond in the same rough. In fact, only Junior, that's Niklas Kronwall to yawl, is the ONLY top draft pick we have in on the roster.

Having said all that, our picks are pretty good this year from what I hear from my cousins in Detroit.

1. Tommy McCollum from NY is probably the best Goalie in the draft, and he can be developed into the netminder we need to add to our depth in the area. His numbers with the OHL Guelph outfit leave no doubt as to his potential.

Teams with exceptional defensive units like the Red Wings, the Devils and the Stars need the type of a multi-faceted, often puck-handling goaltender who is always focused enough to stop the few quality shots that slip past the guys playing in front of him. That can be a lot more challenging than stopping 30 plus shots a night. Just ask Marty B, Marty T and of course Ozzie. Tommy apparently can be developed to fit the bill.

2. Max Nicastro from CA is a big bruising defenseman with good speed and puck-handling ability. He apparently has a pretty heavy shot to go with those qualities. His former teammates compare him to Rob Blake, and I'm really looking forward to his NHL debut, possibly in 2-3 years with Brett Lebda, also American and Jiri Fischer expected to return next season. Our defensive depth is second to none IMHO even in light of Cheli's expected retirement.


3. Gustav Nyquist (C) and Jesper Sameulsson (LW) are both smallish Swedes with excellent offensive potential. No idea when they will debut with Hudler, Filppula, Franzen and Helm pretty much settled in their places, and local boy Justin Abdelkader to make a splash next season. Whenever they may or may not debut, I can assure you that they'll become better defensive players, win faceoffs, and contribute to the PK unit by the time they do. That's Red Wings Hockey with no place for one-dimensional primadonnas like Cindy.

4. Julien Cayer (C) from QC and Steve Johnston (LW) from across the bridge are both good skaters. Cayer is big (6'4") and has the type of solid 2-way game to warrant an early debut. Johnston is definitely a longer term prospect, maybe even a trade-bait like Dandenault after he was developed as a complete player by none other than the Great Bowman himself. Many of us still miss our number 11 and wish him all the best with the Habs. We also miss Fedorov and Shany but that goes without saying. Knuble can screw himself.

Canadian hockey fans- get ready for another season of bitter harvest. BTW, you know what you can do with your loser's eiltism and just where to shove it.
"And do not curse those who call on other than GOD, lest they blaspheme and curse GOD, out of ignorance. We have adorned the works of every group in their eyes. Ultimately, they return to their Lord, then He informs them of everything they had done." (Qur'an 6:108)

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