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Let him be rent a player for life. Hossa is getting paid more than the Captain Nicole. Wings always said that no one will get paid more than the Captain. Thats out the window I guess when a man shows up !

This is Wings last year. They will be destroyed after '09. The salary cap situation will force them to do away with a lot of great players. Hossa is a trade bait for next year, if things don't go well, and it makes sense for Wings to get some value in return if they decide to trade him. Zetterberg will be gone next year, along with many others. That's the reality of CBA, which we are paying for dearly. We will pitch for Zetterberg.

Malkin is a great player. A team player. He plays with team rules. No one gets more than the superstar captain. Wings should practice what they preach.
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