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Talking LMFAO ... Kothay Moharani, Kothay ******arani !

OK, the gloves are off.

Tragically misplaced loyalty to those narcissists who only care about themselves and be more admired and worshipped than they admire and worship themselves, is almost always the most self-defeating of all false loves, even in Pittsburg, PA.

Delusional “love” has its own peculiar narcotic effect, and can make the incubus of viral plague appear as the proverbial honey pot. I’ve had brothers and close friends defend their decease-infested, Glammazon slut GFs before being inevitably heartbroken, hospitalized, treated with painful shots into the sack, bankrupted by endless therapy, and finally coming to their senses in order to live “one day at a time”.

I pray and expect the same to happen here.

… Dissing Nicklas Lidstrom, the perfect gentleman who exemplifies fair play, not to mention a 4X Cup WINNER, Conn Smythe winner, 6X Norris winner, and the greatest defenseman EVER to play the game –- is not only unbecoming, but also demented moronism at its best from so called hockey fans in Pennsylvania, from both parts of the state.

But since they continue to fart out the wrong end, here's a bit of what that sort of crap deserves.

In cricketing terms, Tushar Imran should have a clear idea about the incoming delivery when the bowler is Dale Steyn, Brett Lee or Fidel Edwards with the new ball on a bouncy track.

Before I start my spell, let me make it clear that we'd never diss great young players with the brightest of future(s) like Malkin and Fleury, or dynamos like Staal or Orpik. The class of Mario will never be mitigated by imbecilic comments. Why? Because they don't DESERVE IT!

Nicklas Lidstrom will have his number retired and in our rafters, and we don’t expect the trailer-park crowd to fathom what that means until they discover the joys of living in an actual house or apartment with a frozen pond in the backyard.

Then again, not much else can be expected from perennial losers fostering yet another cult of personality, an evil one this time, and desperately holding on to past glory, with very little understanding of our glorious sport and its values. Losing too often for wayy to long will do that to you. Just look at the people of Toronto.

It is disappointing but not at all surprising to see chemically dependant rednecks “defending” a diving, cheating, disrespectful, one-dimensional, media whoring, overrated, whining, bitching, moaning, pathologically narcissistic little f***** like Cindy, the way they know best, by flaunting their collective ability talk out of the wrong orifice and consequently, only DEMEANING THEMSELVES in the end.

After being less than 30 seconds away from a 1-4 thrashing in the SCF, the “Pens in 5” crowd ended up losing 2-4. That deserved some respect before such always Cindy-inspired stupidity exposed the real extent of the transmitted infection. There are depraved customers including members of the clueless media, who just don’t realize Cindy’s just doing what she does best to have them by the cojones and have her own way. It’s called “faking it”. No doubt size has something to do with it.

It will take winning at least ONE CUP in recent times, as opposed to our FOUR, before these losers come even close to deserving the respect the Devils, Stars, Avs, Ducks, Habs (because of their class, tradition and relationship to the MapleClutz), Bolts, and the genuine leader Iginla’s Flames have in the hearts of all true hockey fans.

Until that happens, these losers better know their place unless the fetish for self-flagellation continues to prevail. Sad, really !

Then again, the downward spiral has already started for the Pens after the one-hit-wonder. Players want to win, and that’s not possible in a hockey club centered around everyone getting off on watching currently the Queen carrier of NBA-style Manginitis Cindy Crosby s*** her own he-c*** as she expects everyone to do watch, until she moves on to a new place, perhaps across the state to Cheesesteakville, to start the cancerous process all over again until Roberta, the Original Mangina gives her the Lindy treatment.

To try and stir-up controversy with regards to our Captain’s salary, and making pronouncements such as ’09 will be our last year of excellence, are more glaring examples of ignorance and idiocy at their best.

To assume that Zetterberg will become just the second HOME GROWN star to leave the club in our recent history after Fedorov under totally different circumstances and influences (Shany wasn’t homegrown), is yet another expression of the disturbing journey towards Moronotopia with Cindy queening over her semi-retarded subjects.

Furthermore, to fantasize that Hank would go to the Pens of all clubs, is the sort of delusion that requires hard therapy and harder meds. BTW, the type of “hard” I have in mind has nothing to do with what Cindy takes-in night after night.

Crackwhoring, NHL-style, is not a way of life in Detroit the way it is in Pittsburgh. We don’t like self-obsessed 20-dollar hookers masquerading as supposedly more desirable top-shelf pRonstars in our midst.

We have developed many low draft pick “no-namers” into legitimate superstars, guys like Lidstrom, Datsyuk and Zetterberg, and will continue to do so Inshallah, while others lineup to adulate and blow their “Next Big Dope”.

Our guys, as they have always done in the past, will do their part to stay where they belong, or find their way back if they cannot.

Actually WINNING the Cup FOUR TIMES in the last 11 years, not to mention winning the Cup 11X in our history, can do that players NOT obsessed with themselves or their wallets.

Because of the hockey environment, culture, and the tradition of excellence we offer, our player don’t abandon their family in Hockey Town, USA. Do a bit of research and discover the truth for yourselves.

It takes class to recognize what it truly is and to be deserved of classy treatment. Then again only the letter R separates “class” from what these groupies really are once you replace the L with it. I guess faggotry is indeed contagious!

This is the type of thing that puts a bull’s eye on parasitic weed like Cindy’s back, like his 'cross-state mentor Lindy before him, and prematurely end careers with one too many hits these p****** just can’t wink and wank their way out of.

I see that happening in 8-10 years max, no matter what OTHER team Cindy decides to betray her current Johns and always temporary BFs for, and when it happens, I’ll still have no issues sleeping well.

Cindy, like any other Glammazon slut girlfriend with a poorly concealed transmittable decease, will eat you alive before infecting another team and another city “rediscovering” hockey in fair weather, or paying the most for her "services".

The solution ?

Just stick to football or find yourselves depressed, broke, broken and in pain whenever it’s time to pee before hockey moves to Flamingodome in Jacksonville, FL ... close enough to Tampa ...

I leave you with a few clips of Cindy at her best. Cheating, diving, claiming a false assist by raising her little stick, and diving some more, while NHL officials get fooled by her real ability on ice, the ability to fake it all. (If you want an example of this disrespectful and clueless bimbo’s bitching and moaning, just checkout ANY one of her pre or post match quotes widely available in cyberspace.)

Puke away …

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The Johns in Stripes.

The Crying Game.
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