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I am not sure all these deserve any response. But, I will respond, though won't take a whole page to do so, since 'time' is at a premium for me. In one brush of the paint, I and million other Pens fans are morons, losers, dwellers of trailer-park, and what not, for supporting our team and the Captain! If I recall correctly, the demeaning barb regarding Sid started from the other end in all manner of form, including calling him Cindy and many other disgusting adjectives labeled against him by a fan who claim to follow the classiest organization in the league. No class at all. I started calling their captain Nicole only afterwards in response and obviously as a matter of joke. Never, I questioned his ability as a player, nor all the accolades he has won over the last twenty years. Facts are facts. However, the obsessive nature of hatred associated with Sid continue to cloud the judgment and recognize the fact that at a ripe old age of 21, he is a phenomenal player, the Captain of a reviving franchise who won the Art Ross and Hart at the age of 20 with likes of Colby Armstrong as his linemate. But, that bit of info is for real hockey fans, and not pretenders who claim to know a lot about hockey. Maybe spending too much time trolling around in hockey forums has its own lingering effects.

I know Arsenic poisoning is a serious matter in the South Western part of our country, including Bagerhat, and a lot need to be done to find out about any 'side effects' associated with this curse. Derangement, obsessive but dangerous compulsive nature of attraction towards teenage boys, conspicuous self promotion of 'know it all', viral bickering etc etc.. could be a starting point to tackle this menace. They have my compassion.
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