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Assuming people drinking brackish water can count and reason , here is the cap situation for that cities swindling Swedish chicks and rednecks . UFA- Zett, khochhor, Samuelsson and RFA's - Hudler. Look at their salary for this year and what they will command from next year, it is reasonable to assume that they will lose at least two, if not one from that list. Gotta take into account the Hossa salary too if they want to re-sign. These are cold fact numbers, based on the projected ceiling of $56.7 mil for next year. If you are detached from reality, don't read. Teams will peel away their players and they would have to shed salaries of some of their old players. This is their last chance and nobody repeats in NHL. So, bye bye from '09 and watch Chicago zoom you bye. Pens..will be competing every year while Nicole reaches menopause, which is only a few years away..
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