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Former President William Jefferson Clinton was on hand to witness the USA beat Algeria 1-0 today, but that's not why we know soccer has arrived in America. It's Clinton's face. Just look at it. Look at how red with stress it is. Look at his lower lip, chewed up like a bit of gristle on the end of a nice, Southern barbecued steak.

More importantly, look at Clinton's left hand. This man is stressed out about the game; he does not want to have to listen to Sepp Blatter make awkward small talk anymore. Clinton — a renowned international charmer and the husband of one of the most important diplomats in the world — is very unsubtly telling Blatter to shut his gob and just watch the game already, because DeMarcus Beasley has come on and Clinton needs to think about whether he should go down and open a can of Arkansas whupass on Bob Bradley's face.,250749
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