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Originally Posted by brockley
On Bangladesh and Zimbabwe they are loathe to play the Associates,worried they will lose test/one day status.
The t20 world cup was 14 now 10,same as world cup 2018,icc says no to olympics and commonwealth games.All left for associates is to play the lowest test team home and away and beat them,which is a hard target.
I think ireland like kenya has declined,the bowling much weaker,little chance for ireland young pacers to develop against international teams.I think afghanistan is beating them now,altho always lose to UAE.That said UAE should play in the Asia cup.
The ICC is now not growing the game,top 6 associate sides yes get more but the other associates will get less.The sad thing is the demise of kenya,holland and canada,where is the icc policy on this.
Really 2015 world cup is likely the last we will see of scotland,ireland and maybe UAE.Afghanistan has the Asia cup every 2 years,ireland and scotland really only have 1 solitary game each season which is not enough.
I expect the associates to fade,sadly ireland has a lot of players in their 30's,how will the ICC develop them in2 the future.
Afghanistan havent beaten us since 2011.

Stirling - 23
Young - 22 or so
Dockrell - 23
Chase - 20
Balbirnie - 23
Wilson - 27 i think
A Poynter - mid twenties

Porterfield just turned 30 and Kevin and Niall both have another 4 years left IMO. Yes bowling is a bit weaker but thats more down to Rankin leaving than Johnston and co. retiring
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