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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Honda. The ultimate unselfish player. The way he put the dagger in the Danish defense was eye soothing. Did all the work and game his team-mate to record a goal under his name (teammate). Even my son (7 year old) could score that goal.
exactly... and does his credit go down a tiny bit for not scoring himself? absolutely NOT. Instead he deserves more credit for being so unselfish. Almost 80% of the players in this WC would have gone for glory (and 80% of them would have made the ball sail miles above the post). sooner a player realizes WC is all abt country & team rather than increasing his value in the European League.... the game will be that much entertaining to watch (and thats why I would rate Honda's 3rd goal assist wayyyyy higher than tshabalala's jhore bok strike against mexico)