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Winning is Everything for the Tyrants

Posted 21 minutes ago

TORONTO - The mood in the Tyrants' camp ahead of their World Series clash against the LA Kings at home is being described by the press as bullish and destructive, but if you have been following them throughout the first season of the MLC, this should come as no surprise. Since its inception, the franchise has seen a flow of highly ambitious individuals who, throughout the season, have often described the MLC as being "larger than life". The atmosphere at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, where the squad has been residing, was no different on the eve of the first game of the World Series.

"The divisional championships mean nothing if we can't win the World Series", said GM AsifTheManRahman. "As Damon Hill (British race car driver) once put quite aptly, 'Winning is everything - the only ones who remember you when you come second are your wife and your dog'. I take this quote to heart, more so because I don't have a dog. We must beat LA - it is what our fans deserve, it is what the staff here is working towards and it is where we will be at the end of the series - there is no doubt about that".

David Warner and Brendon McCullum, who make up the dynamic duo that holds the key to Toronto's success, were equally optimistic about the team's chances. "Look mate, every kid has dreams growing up. Some fulfill them, some don't or can't and that is unacceptable. Mine was to conquer the world with the bat. The MLC provides the perfect platform for world domination and it is where my childhood dreams will finally come true", said Warner, as he gulped down a bottle of Gatorade in two seconds and threw it down a trash can twenty five meters away with pin-point accuracy. "Playing for New Zealand is a great honor and I won't compare the two. All I'm going to say is there are games to win here and opponents to crush. That's what our aim will be heading into the World Series", replied McCullum in response to a question about whether he preferred playing for New Zealand over the Tyrants.

On the bowling front, surprise fifth round draft Hamid Hassan has been the hero for the Tyrants. Asked about his secret to success, Hassan, his fingers glazing from having just been dipped in his bowl of meat curry, pointed to his food. "This (lots and lots of meat) and Troy Cooley. Troy told me to feel free to crack helmets at the games, so that's always one of my primary goals - to hit the batsman". He then went back to eating and seemed to have no more interest in talking to the large group of reporters huddled around his breakfast table.

Hassan has been fast and furious this season and his captain had nothing short of immense praise for him. "He is the best fast bowler in the world. It's a pity he doesn't get to play Tests. With Hamid and Shane opening the bowling, a captain could literally take a nap in the dug out, because you know things will be just fine". Incredibly, Virat Kohli ran through his sentences without a single stutter or sign of shivering albeit being submerged neck down in a bath of ice, prescribed by batting coach Richard McInnes.

Meanwhile at King City

Groundsman Mohammad Rafique, beaming with pride and a sense of accomplishment, told The Toronto Star that the wicket will play like it has throughout the season. "It is the most even playing ground in the MLC. Batsmen are no better off than bowlers, bowlers are no better off than batsmen. Spinners and pacers get an equal amount of assistance off this pitch. It is my baby and it is meant to offer a great contest and a good game of cricket if the players are up for it".
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