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Originally posted by Rajputro
Aminul plays for Muktijodhdha. To a check for 9 Lakh from them. Then one day, Muktijodhdha went to the cops, complaining, Abahoni has kidnapped Aminul. Muktijodhdha official went to the Abahoni tent along with the cops in the middle of the night, woke everyone up, beat some Abahoni players and officials to find where they hide Aminul. Everyone denied.

The next evening, Aminul came to Muktijodhdha Club, claiming, he was kidnapped the day before from Motijhil and was taken to Abahoni Club. There, they forced him to accept a check for 9 lakh dated a month back. Later that night, they moved him to a house. Next morning, he woke up and found himself in the second floor locked up. He jumped from the window and came back to Muktijodhdha Club.
-This is the first time I've been to this side of the house. Surprised to hear that there is another team named after Sheikh Russel..I'm surmising it was founded by AL folks..then what happ. to Abahoni KC..? I thought AKC was their brainchild (AL camp). Whatever happened to age old Mohamedan/Abahoni rivalry?

Anyways, above story about kidnapping of a player must be a joke. I don't think nothing like that in reality is possible..its way too dramatic/cinematic to be true - even in BD.

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