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Isam's Verdict of the Day: Limited over series, West Indies in Bangladesh, 2011 (2011)

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BanglaCricket Article

Author and journalist Mohammad Isam, has been taking a break from his duties from the press box at the stadium to share his instance reaction to the day's proceedings in the BanglaCricket forums. We felt this deserved wider dissemination and so with his permission we offer you a compilation of this reactions to the the limited over series.

Isam's Verdict of the Day: Limited over series, West Indies in Bangladesh, 2011

Published: 23rd October, 2011


Isam's Verdict


October 11, Only Twenty20

The verdict:

Everyone looked at Mushfiq and Shakib from the word go and none were disappointing. According to one player in the field, the new skipper looked as if he was on this job for years, such was his confidence.

Mushfiq's six to seal the win is certainly a moment worth remembering but more importantly, it was a timely boost ahead of the ODI series given the skipper's tendency to take every failure too seriously.

Highlight of the day: Need I repeat?

J.O. of the day: Rubel, why oh why did you change your length in that 3rd over?

Stat of the day: This was the first T20 international in Mirpur. BCB?

October 13: First ODI at Dhaka

The verdict:

There's nothing routine about the way the Tigers go down!

The game was a huge chance for Mushfiqur Rahim to really stamp his authority but he now will have to begin work on the boys' body language when the opposition makes a good start. But what beats me is how a team that is trained to be the best athletes they can be, slump in the matter of 30 overs?

Batting-wise, they couldn't do any better given their regular opener was shunted to number 3. The Tigers have this curious rigidity in their planning, a spanner thrown means they put their hands up and walk away from the crime-scene.

The crowd was superbly loyal, given it was tremendously hot. A win beckons on Saturday.

Highlight of the day: Pollard's disdainful flick vs Shakib's jaunt over mid-off

J.O. of the day: Naeem will henceforth be ridiculed as Chhokka Naeem.

Stat of the day: Simmons's acceleration to the 100.

October 15: 2nd ODI at Dhaka

The verdict

First of all, the ego has to go. And not just for one game. It has to remain steady and only return when necessary (like when Pollard fondles you). This ego will not do any good to the top-order who believe that taking down a fast bowler is by hitting out from ball one.  If I, a club player at best, can understand this, how can they not? Tamim and Imrul started the rot by being silly. One just had to see out the good ones and then go after the bad balls. Instead, these two had no intention of staying in. Okay, Roach isn't the bowler everyone fears him to be but once you wear down the man after 3-4 overs, it is easier and then you have the goody on offer. Then again, who am I kidding?

As for Ashraful, it's time for a break...probably as long as it takes him to outscore everyone in the country and then return. He hasn't done anything in two years and at the risk of getting hit by brickbats, I say it was a huge mistake to bring him back so quickly. Time to give Shuvogoto Hom a go and he should be continued with till he fails 4-5 times.

Nasir looks to be on his way as an international player but I would still suggest him being more tight around the off-stump. 

Mushy was superb..the manner in which he guided loose-cannon Kapali and Naeem was in itself excellent. His technique has always been sound and today he just did what he does best these days, bring the team back from hell.

Highlight of the day: Mushy's innings

J.O. of the day: Kapali. Poems could be written on your batting but you don't stay long enough to complete a sentence.

Stat of the day: Nasir moved from 26 to 50 in 12 balls.

October 18: Third ODI at Chittagong

It ended in a blink.

Brilliant work from the groundstaff first of all for bringing this game to life with their thorough work throughout the night. For those of you who haven't been to this ground, it is shaped like a sink with no hole in the middle! The water never goes anywhere and seeps into the ground.

Nevertheless, Mushy will be encouraged by a few factors like Shafiul's re-emergence as a force as well as sharp fielding. Shakib bowled with a lot of purpose; took four wickets so you can't blame him for anything today!! Other than his celebration, Nasir was excellent while Nazmul stood out with his accuracy. He's an honest trier who is unlucky to be injured all the time. Or you can say that he doesn't take care of himself too well.

Highlight of the day: Nasir's classic off-break to end Powell's innings.

JO of the day: Tamim Iqbal, admittedly played it slow to end up not out and spend more time at the crease.

Stat of the day: The game ended before dinner was served in the press box.


About the author(s): Mohammad Isam is a senior sports reporter at the Daily Star and the Bangladesh correspondent with Cricinfo. He is also a club cricketer though that is still up in the air! And just as important, you see him on BanglaCricket forums as Isam.


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