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BanglaCricket Article

Bangladesh has had a horrendous showing at the World T20 2014. And at home too, to boot. Zunaid is not happy and sits the players down and gives them their Grades.

My Grades for the Bangladesh WT20 2014 Team

Published: 2nd April, 2014


Selectors and CoachSelectors – F

Seriously? Not much to say when Farhad Reza is picked and T20 specialist Zia is not even in the 15. I have serious doubts as to whether you go scout domestic games or even know the meaning of statistics or that there are three formats of competitive cricket. Yes, three. Really. What were you thinking when you picked Farhad Reza or Shafiul? And why pick the new granddaddy of Bangladesh cricket, Abdur Razzak, who is way past sell by date. Didn’t you read the label?

Shane Jurgensen – F

Is there a coach in the room? Frankly, not sure if you’re doing anything other than sitting behind the big glass window. You came in as a bowling coach – oh, lordy lord. Then you got the big gig. And the team fell apart in 2014. I get it that players often lose form, but for most of them to lose form just around the time of a world championship at home? Usually, it is the other way around – teams are trained to peak around the time of the tourney. And oh, about your captain and his decisions. Yes, he makes the on field decisions but did you not teach him how to think on his feet? Could you not have sent advice during drinks breaks?  

Mushfiqur Rahim – F

Not so much for your batting, which was just passable, nor for your keeping, which was atrocious, but for your captaincy (or lack thereof). That pretty much ensured we gifted the advantage back to the opponents each time your team mates wrested it back. What works in a Test, does not work in T20s. You have to throw the script away and learn to think on your feet – get the batsmen out of their comfort zone as soon as you can. Your field placings were defensive and you stuck with tired strategies in picking your bowlers. Once, you did not bowl Zia until the 19th over and kept Mashrafe to bowl the death over: yes, it’s Mashrafe we are talking about! And definitely you should stop giving interviews. Just keep our mouth shut and let the bat do the talking.

Abdur Razzak – F

Sorry, guv. Time's up. In fact, your time was up many months ago. Apparently neither the selectors, nor your captain, and for that matter not even you could see that you are way past your sell by date. If you had any self-esteem, you would have just refused to join the party when they picked you. Now, don’t go blaming them. Then again you’ve always been good bowling the short or wide ones and very willing to help out the opponents with a boundary ball every over.

Nasir Hossain – F

Nasir, Nasir, Nasir. What happened to you, dude? Just last year we fans were talking about you being the next big thing in Bangladesh cricket. You could bat, you could bowl, your fielding could have put you into the Jonty Rhodes club, and you sported the coolest of shades. But perhaps the shades are the problem? Hiding the fact that you’ve lost your form for a while and need a break? No, it’s not back, even if you say so – remember, in that game you were only able to score that much because you got 4 lives.

Mashrafe Mortaza – F

Yes, old horse. F. You did give it your all in the past but as they say in the ads, “past performance is no guarantee of future results”. Make that present results. I’m sorry about your many knee operations. I know you give it your all but, like an old horse, it is time to put you to pasture. We thank you for your services. But Mash, let me ask you something, “Why don’t you ever tell Mushy to not save you for the death overs”?

Farhad Reza – F

Yes, it is an F for sure but I’m not sure whether you deserve it. I think your F should really go to the selectors. You are so out of your depths in T20Is that the selectors did you a disservice by picking you for this format. It’s like plonking a fish from the ocean on to the beach and expecting it to fly. But then again, why haven’t you been able to transform yourself from a domestic tournament bully?

Mahmudullah Riyad –F

You're like the cat with 9 lives, aren’t you? When we thought you were down and out, you just do enough to say in the team. Your bowling has at least been passable this time around, whenever given the chance. Your batting needs lots of work. Yes, you might look elegant but to what use is it when you are in full flow when there is no pressure. And when there is pressure, you end up playing Tests in T20s. What is that all about? You really need to be less of a sissy and come up the order and show what you are capable of when it really matters to the team.

Shakib Al Hasan – D

Sigh. My first passing grade. You're going to be the death of me and the other fans. What is wrong with you?! Somebody needs to whack you upside the head and knock some sense into you. You did fine with your bowling. Batting could have been better. What’s with trying to whack the first ball outside of the park? And what’s with the attitude? Arrogance is fine and good – if you’ve got it, flaunt it, but you need to know the right time and the right place. You would have gotten a better grade but for that interview. Yes, that one. The one on Prothom Alo where you blamed everything and everyone for the woes of Bangladesh cricket except for the cricketers themselves. Personal responsibility anyone?

Tamim Iqbal – D

You passed, and only because of a few spectacular catches. You gave us at least one bright spot for the Bangladesh highlight reel from this WC. About your batting, the less said the better. You are better than this. You seem to be in two minds these days – or is Mrs. Benson too heavy a monkey on your back? And why have you infected Anamul Haq with your tendency to hit loose shots?

Sohag Gazi – D

Not much to say about you. You shouldn't be playing in this format. Then again, the blame should be on the selectors. You've lost whatever incisiveness you had in the past. Perhaps you've been taking notes from Razzak - please don't.

Ziaur Rahman – C

I’m not sure whether this is a fair grade or not but I am the only grader and so be it. You had a lot of weight on your so-called "Banglar Hulk" shoulders when you finally made it into the team. The fan expectations were high and as usual, unrealistic.  You are not the messiah. Then again, you were done a disservice too with regard to your bowling – either not bowled at all or bowled for the first time in the 19th over. What was that all about? As for your reputation of lusty hitting, I’m partially excusing you for having found yourself in a situation with the top order gone for next to nothing. It was too much.

Anamul Haq – B

Finally we have bit of a bright spot. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Ok, it’s not that bad and you’ve shown some consistency and have at least been the cause of some positive comments from the naysaying pundits. Couple of words of advice: don’t get too big for your boots and fall for the same rash shots your predecessors do (i.e. the Australia game). You also seem to have a tendency to play for yourself. Think TEAM. And, of course, work on your footwork. Needs work. Lots of it.

Al Amin Hossain – B

Another bright spot. You've done surprisingly well! You are showing lots of promise and seem to be getting better and better. Don’t let injuries get the better of you and exercise that brain to figure out when not to bowl short. I like what I see in you as a death-over bowler.

The following three get an incomplete as they were not given enough chances to be given a grade.

  • Rubel Hossain – You were probably heading for an F. What’s with the all the short deliveries and the wides? What happened to your yorkers from the first BanglaWash?
  • Mominul Haq – You are not ready for this format yet. You could be. And it would be great if you could bring your Test from to the short form of the game: hang in there.
  • Shabbir Rahman – We needed to see more of you with the ball.
  • Shamsur Rahman – Only two innings. Didn't fare too well. 
  • Taskin Ahmed – You acquitted yourself well in your debut. I have my eyes on you.


About the author(s): Dr. Zunaid Kazi is an almost fanatical Bangladesh cricket supporter with almost non-existent cricket playing skills. He compensates for this deficiency by spending an inordinate amount of time following all things cricket. Zunaid is also an administrator at BanglaCricket and goes by the nick "Zunaid" and is affectionately or otherwise referred to as Doctor Z.


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