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A loyal Tigers fan responds to BCB’ s cricket operations committee chairman Naimur Rahman after his public rant against coach Hathurasingha’ s comments about team selection. In this open letter to the MP and a past captain of the national team, the author urges the BCB to not repeat the past mistakes that led to the departure of successful coaches like Whatmore, Siddons, and McInnes.

An Open Letter to Naimur Rahman Durjoy

Published: 9th April, 2015


Dear Naimur Rahman,

Naimur Rahman Duroy
Naimur Rahman Duroy

Have you ever wondered why our cricket has not progressed much the last fifteen years? Have you pondered how we could shed the underdog, whipping boys tagline the world associates us with? Well one reason is we often do not value the thoughts and work done by the individuals who have helped us most in our journey.

Gordon Greenidge who helped us qualify for our first World Cup, and make our first real strides in international cricket could not even come back, as the cricketing authority rebuked his stance on why Bangladesh was not ready for test cricket. How right was he? Despite all his contributions to our cricket, Dav Whatmore ended his stint in a bitter way. It’s no secret the world cup winning coach endured a great deal of difficulty with administrators during his term. Jamie Siddons faced similar issues, and his contract was not extended when he could offer a lot more. Richard McInnes considered the architect of Bangladesh’s present team, resigned from his role as High Performance Manager last year as he did not receive the support he required to fulfill his vision. Sometimes I wonder how far we could have gone if we paid heed to the wisdom of such world class coaches. Strangely, we tend to make more noise in the cricketing world for the wrong reasons, and by publicizing your stance against Bangladesh’s current coach Chandika Hathurusingha you sir have successfully added yet another negative headline!

In 2014, Bangladeshi cricket was in a state of freefall. A culture of indiscipline, complacency, lack of processes/system set in leading to disastrous outcomes including defeats to Hong Kong, Afghanistan along with numerous spineless collapses. However you managed to put an end to the decline by appointing Chandika Hathurusingha along with a very capable support staff. Your judgment in coach selection was excellent! In a very short span of time, Hathurusingha and company have managed to turn the team around and change their fortunes on the field. Our boys now play with a lot more self-belief and character. This new found belief and organization eventually helped us succeed in World Cup 2015-winnig us admiration and respect of the world. When Bangladesh cricket is finally on such a high, it is strange that you decided to take a swing to bring everything down.

Hathurusingha’s comments on selection may have breached your code of conduct. But why couldn’t such a matter be solved in the confinements of the BCB office? Why did such an internal issue have to be publicized in a way that may be embarrassing or humiliating to a person who only deserves praise for the good work he has done so far. You say it is a breach of code of conduct to talk openly against someone, but isn’t it hypocritical that you term him immature and accuse him of highlighting his own achievement over that of the team? Is that not a breach of your own code of conduct? Being a former captain and a longtime administrator, you should know our media has the habit of asking direct and sensitive questions.

Dav Whatmore Jamie Siddons Richard McInnes

Have you ever wondered about the nuances of intercultural communication? A candid and forthright personality like Hathurusingha may tackle such questions in a direct way which may not necessarily be an attack on a player or administrator. You would also know how certain media outlets have the habit of twisting such stories to sell their papers. It is also strange you found the coach to be glorifying his own achievements when he was crediting his charges and harnessing on the concept of teamwork.

In the given context, the given time, right after a successful World Cup and just before the Pakistan tour your stance towards the coach, the words you have chosen seem more indicative of a grudge or personal agenda. To an outsider it is seems to be a reflection of envy of the coach’s achievement and your desire to flex your muscles and show off your power. It is as if you did not care about the timing of such an outburst right before an important series.

An ugly spat with the coach will not help you help you gain any recognition. It will only hurt the team’s morale, demotivate the coach and threaten his continuity. Before joining West Indies recently, Phil Simmons worked with Cricket Ireland for nearly 8 years. They listened to him, implemented his ideas and worked with a long term vision. What is the longest a coach has worked with Bangladesh, ever wondered how Irish cricket has progressed so well with so little infrastructure and support? Sadly we did not learn from our mistakes from the Greenidge’s, Whatmore’s, Siddons.

Please do not add to the list of mistakes. This way we will be in the same place ten years down the line-as the perennial underachievers. Solve such matters amicably, respectfully; listen to the coach-otherwise why did you hire him in the first place. Do not let the 160 million cricket crazy fanatics down. We all long for the improvement and success only qualified and capable coaches like Chandika Hathurusingha can bring us. Help them, support their vision, but do not be an obstacle.

Thanking You,

A Loyal Tigers Fan


About the author(s): The writer is an ardent Bangladeshi cricket follower based out of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is known on the forum as jeesh and he welcomes feedback/comments at jeeshan2000@gmail.com


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